Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

Drinking water is good for you. In fact, it’s great for you! But when it comes to your skin, simply drinking it doesn’t deliver results that skin rejuvenation treatment through like IV therapy can. For one thing, if you are slightly dehydrated, it can take several hours to simply get back to a normal level of hydration by drinking water. And you have to sip it slowly throughout the day, because if you drink a whole bunch at once most of it won’t get absorbed by your body at all. For another, it can take days of constant sipping before your skin begins to show a noticeable difference. IV therapy delivers water directly to your bloodstream, where it can go straight to the organs that need it most — including your skin, making IV therapy an effective form of skin rejuvenation treatment.


Rejuvenate Your Skin with IV Therapy

Throughout the years, people have gone to extremes to obtain beautiful, soft, glowing skin. Women have covered their skin with gloves, hats, parasols, and veils to protect it from the effects of the sun. Fashions have seen ladies use creams, capsules, and even deadly poisons to lighten their skin tone, while others have baked in tanning booths to make it darker. But the real secret to healthy, beautiful skin is much simpler, and much more natural, than any of these tedious and potentially dangerous approaches.

The Real Secret to Beautiful Skin

Your body is up to 60% water. The cells of your brain, muscles, blood, and organs all need water to function properly. Water is essential for digestion, for efficiently using energy from food, and for healthy neurological activity. And your skin, the largest and most visible organ you possess, is 64% water. As you might guess, staying well hydrated is imperative to the health of your skin (and every other part of your body).

Skin Elasticity

The way your skin acts has a lot to do with how hydrated it is. Take a small pinch of your skin and watch how it reacts. Does it bounce right back to its normal shape? Or does it stay pinched up for a second or two? If it does, you could be mildly dehydrated. Water keeps skin cells plump, which helps them spring back into shape, lessens the appearance of wrinkles, and contributes to that “glow” we all want.

Skin Texture

Chronically dry hands are a nightmare — and when the moisturizing lotion you constantly use feels like it’s just drying your hands up more, the problem may be more than just skin-deep. Your hands are the most accurate indicator of whether your skin has enough water; while the rest of your skin keeps producing oils, giving the illusion of hydration, your hands don’t have the glands that produce this oil. Your hands — and the rest of your skin, for that matter — can get scaly, flakey, cracked, or rough when they don’t have enough water. Even milder problems, such as itchiness or tightness, are a sign that your skin is thirsty.

Skin Color

Perhaps you don’t have any of those problems. Perhaps your skin bounces well and feels great — it just doesn’t look as fresh as you want it to. Surely water isn’t the answer to that? Well, your coloring, especially in your face, has a lot do with the way your skin looks. Plump lips and rosy cheeks don’t have to come from make-up; when you are properly hydrated, the blood vessels just beneath the top layer of skin open up to give you a healthy glow — whatever the color.

More Than Just Water

At The Hydration Room, we offer more than just water in our Skin Rejuvenation treatment blend. As important as good old H2O is, your skin can get an even greater boost with the addition of Vitamin C. This essential vitamin helps your skin produce those oils we mentioned earlier, which prevents loss of water through the skin. It is also an antioxidant, known for kicking out aging-related free radicals and even reversing some of the damage that UV rays from the sun (or the tanning bed) cause. Our Skin Health blend includes a high dose of Vitamin C, and we’ve added a few more skin-nourishing antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients as well.

Refresh and Revitalize Your Skin at The Hydration Room

You no longer need to use creams, pills, and injections that may or may not work — and could even have disastrous consequences — to get the beautiful skin you’ve always wanted. Pamper yourself with a trip to The Hydration Room, and start seeing results today.