The Hydration Room offers customized vitamin injection and IV therapies


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Our clinics are overseen by Dr. Florie and staffed by only the most qualified registered nurses in Southern California. We take a different approach to health at The Hydration Room. We tailor our therapies to achieve our patients goals, increase quality of life and wellbeing.

Each vitamin IV and injection therapy was researched, created and tested by founder/owner and board-certified anesthesiologist Dr. Brett Florie.


  • I can attribute the success in my workouts directly to The Hydration Room because I have changed nothing in my diet or training other than adding IV therapy to my regiment.Thank you to The Hydration Room.

    Brian R
  • Over eight months of ongoing treatments and I couldn't feel more blessed for having found this wonderful facility. Dr. Florie and the staff have provide me with phenomenal care. They have helped me repeatedly with my chronic conditions. Even when I'm at my worst, they've taken the time to ensure I leave feeling better than when I came in.

    Alana K
  • This place has amazing staff and a comfortable atmosphere! I have been getting weekly IVs and they have helped tremendously with my energy level, as well as feeling good overall.

    Jennifer D
  • This place has saved me time and time again. I would definitely recommend The Hydration Room for any IV therapy or injection boost. Great for a hangover or general health. Great staff and comfortable settings.

    Jacey M
  • I love this place. Being a single mom and business owner I work extremely hard. I try and come in at least 2x a month to keep myself in tip-top shape. The therapy has improved my energy and I have been getting a lot of compliments on how nice my skin looks.

    Tania Q
  • Due to having hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) during my pregnancy, the IV fluids have helped take the edge off and tremendously with my daily nausea. Coming weekly to The Hydration Room was definitely the key to making this last pregnancy a little more manageable.


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