IV for Dehydration

Hydration is an essential part of a healthy life and a strong body. It also contributes to the support of your immune system and can affect the volume and severity of illnesses we endure. The cold and flu treatment offered by The Hydration Room is an innovative IV for dehydration therapy created by anesthesiologists to help combat sickness and revitalize our bodies. You can finally get over your cold and flu quicker and get back to feeling like yourself!

How can an IV for dehydration help you? Keep reading:


As a dehydrated person, your immune system is weakened and defenses are lowered.

Most people are dehydrated to a certain extent and don’t take in the necessary amount of hydration and nutrients our bodies need to function properly and ward of illness. Since our bodies rely on hydration for so many functions, we often see sickness more often and can endure it for a longer period of time. The cold and flu treatment Orange County offered by The Hydration Room? Gramar is designed to provide patients with the proper hydration their bodies need to function optimally and fight off illness, as well as the nutrients to help an already plagued patient get over their cold and flu more quickly.


Dehydration affects our cells and their makeup, which contributes to an increase in the cold and flu illness.

Water is one of the most crucial elements our entire body needs to function as a healthy person. Without hydration, our bodies can’t transport nutrients properly, regulate digestion, maintain body temperature, and our cells don’t receive the necessary electrolytes and osmolality to operate right. Because improper hydration affects even our smallest of cells, our bodies are more susceptible to foreign pathogens. As a result, we endure more viral and bacterial infections.


If you’re already sick, chances are you’re losing sleep and limiting physical activity, prolonging your cold and flu.

Unfortunately, the cold and flu isn’t a one-size fits all illness and it affects all of us differently depending on other aspects of our lives. It is common for the cold and flu illness to cause fatigue and sluggishness, a lack in physical exercise, and we also usually have a hard time getting a good night’s rest. The IV for dehydration offered by The Hydration Room offers a solution using an IV for dehydration providing pure hydration and essential nutrients to help speed up our recovery and improve the other functions in our daily lives.

You don’t have to simply endure a cold and flu and wait until it eventually goes away, instead, you can boost your immune system and speed up your recovery from associated symptoms with an IV for dehydration offered by The Hydration Room.